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Professional Profile

  • 11 years website design, development, Flash, database, marketing and sales support.
  • 16 years marketing design, layout, and digital artwork.
  • 17 years video and audio editing.
  • 20 years management and Director over creative and technical departments.
  • Extensive experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, After Effects, Photoshop, PHP, ASP, Flash, VBScript, XML, Windows, Mac, Unix,
        mySQL, Access, Apache, IIS, browser compatibility, USB applications and mobile websites. Worked with VB.NET, JSP, VB, Perl, SQL,
        PostGres, Oracle, desktop apps and installer scripts.

  • Web & Interactive Media
    Complient, User & SEO Friendly


    Large-scale front-end development
    Small business webmaster


    Design & Graphics
    Goal-Driven, Aesthetics Focused


    Coordinated website and print materials
    Market researched presentation

    Website Print

    Video & Audio Editing
    Seamless, Media Ready


    Web-ready mixing and effects
    Short run-time editing and production .


    Copy & Editing
    Appropriate, Intelligent, Error-Free


    Creative and Technical writing
    Structure, fact and gramatical editing

    Website Print

    Photography & Printing
    Quality Stills, Print-Ready Media


    Studio and natural photography
    Print preparation and preflight


    Director & Management
    Task-Driven, Motivating, Accountable


    Project lead
    Task management


    Branding & Identity

    • Logo Design
    • Taglines
    • Corporate/Brand Colors
    • Print/Brand Collateral
    • Competitive Research Reviews

    Email Marketing

    • HTML Email Design
    • HTML/CSS Coding
    • Email Marketing Best Practices
    • Copywriting & Content Development
    • Subscriber Management
    • Campaign Delivery & Tracking

    Web & Interactive Design

    • Front–End/User Interface Design (UI)
    • HTML/CSS Coding
    • Web Standards Compliance
    • AJAX & Javascript
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Flash Animation & Action Scripting
    • Forms Development & Data Collection
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • WordPress
    • E–Commerce Integration
    • Copywriting & Content Development

    Data Collection & Analyses

    • Web Traffic Metrics
    • Email Marketing Analyses
    • User Experience Reviews
    • Usability Testing
    • Focus Groups
    • Data Analyses

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